Rohane Hamilton

Portrait, Family, and Lifestyle Photographer

Journey with me through a lens that captures more than just images—it captures emotions, stories, and fleeting moments. As a portrait, family, and lifestyle photographer, I believe in the magic of authenticity and the power of a well-timed snapshot. Discover the passion and artistry behind every frame.

A Journey from Caribbean Shores to Connecticut Trails

Embracing Life’s Beauty, One Snapshot at a Time

I’m Rohane Hamilton, but most people call me “Ro.” Born in the vibrant landscapes of Jamaica, I spent my formative years surrounded by its beauty before relocating to the United States in the 6th grade. Today, I am proudly based out of Glastonbury, Connecticut, where I’ve channeled my artistic spirit into a specialization in family and lifestyle photography. I’ve been capturing life’s genuine moments professionally for over eight years now.

My journey into photography began when a co-worker introduced me to the mesmerizing world of bird and wildlife photography. I was instantly captivated by the intricate details and emotions she was able to capture. This led me to buy my first camera, a Nikon D3200, and I vividly remember spending countless weekends immersed in capturing the beauty of animals and the diverse nature scenes around me. Over time, I expanded my skills and delved into photographing people, portraits, and events.

There is an unparalleled reward in being able to seize the special moments families share. For me, family and lifestyle photography stands out because of the authenticity of the moments captured. A photograph truly comes to life when the emotions depicted are unfeigned and genuine. Beyond mere images, each pixel of my work carries a story, a journey, and a piece of my heart. My unwavering mission is to capture beauty, authenticity, and the fleeting moments that enrich our lives.

When I’m not behind the lens, I cherish the moments I spend at home with my wife and our two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. As a family, we have an innate love for adventure. We often hike the picturesque trails Connecticut offers, and whenever the opportunity arises, we embark on long road trips to create memories together.

In addition to my love for photography, I possess a talent for drawing. I often find solace in sketching portraits using mediums like pencil, charcoal, and paint, reflecting another facet of my artistic journey.

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